Premier 8

Premier 8 has one of the strongest block-to-grid connections in the SRW industry. Its gravel filled cores create vertical "stone columns" to form a multi-point interlock for a more uniform block-to-grid connection. This unique and patented block design is changing the SRW industry — its 54 lbs. unit weight beats all other block systems for strength, performance, freight efficiencies and ease of construction.


  • Less weight than Classic 8
  • Straight split face only
  • 54 lbs, more blocks per load
  • 1.0" setback

Pound for pound, Premier 8 is unlike any other SRW block...

Premier 8’s revolutionary block design makes it the most efficient 1 sq. ft. SRW block ever. It’s incredibly lightweight but capable of creating high performance retaining walls of any height. Its large, straight-through cores fill easily and quickly.

  • 54 lb. each means less installer fatigue
  • Easy to handle, builds very fast
  • An unequaled 864 sq. ft. per truck load
  • No cumbersome/expensive pins or clips
  • 4 x 2" anchor bar creates an automatic 1" setback
  • Incredible geogrid connection strength
  • Straight or Colonial split face options
  • Capable of tight radius turns
Rockwood's Premier 8


Premier 8 Straight

Straight Split

18″ x 12″ x 8″ H 450mm x 300mm x 200mm 54 lbs., 24 kg.


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