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Questions about our products?  Here are some common ones.

What is efflorescence?

Efflorescence is a natural phenomenon that can occur in all concrete products. Condensation in the form of rain or dew penetrates pores in the concrete and partially dissolves lime, which then surfaces on the concrete. When evaporation occurs, a white lime haze remains that is not readily soluble. While its affect is temporary, it may take time to disappear completely. For more information on the effects of efflorescence and solutions, click here.

What does "batter" mean?

Batter is referring to the set back of the wall, or in other words; to what degree the wall leans into the hillside from the bottom row of retaining wall blocks to the top.

What is a gravity wall?

A wall that is able to resist soil pressure by relying only on sheer weight and batter is considered a gravity wall. This type of wall does not require geosynthetic reinforcement to help reinforce a soil mass behind the wall.

What do you mean by "one-unit" construction?

Rockwood units can be made into a 90° corner block or half block by simply removing a portion of the unit.

What is the Rustic™ process?

The unique Rockwood Rustic process creates a more natural and distinguished block by mechanically weathering the face of the block.

What is adjustable setback?

It is the ability to build a wall with variable setback, which can range from 0° to 7.1° or any amount in between. Engineering needs to be considered when altering the setback.

What is straight face?

The face of the unit is straight, not angled. It is a type of block face style that is more aesthetic than functional.

What is beveled face?

The lateral edges of the face are angled and unequal in length. It is a block face style that is more aesthetic than functional.

What is a stone column?

It is the dual 5" diameter vertical columns that are created when blocks sit side-by-side. Filled with ¾" aggregate, the stone column unifies grid, backfill and Rockwood units into one integrated structural design.

Can I install lighting in wall system?

Yes, lighting can enhance any landscape project! There are a variety of different products available. Follow the manufacturers recommended installation methodology, as installation will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Can I seal a retaining wall block?

We do not recommend that you use any type of chemical to alter the surface of the block, as it may negatively affect the appearance and/or performance of the unit.

Can I build a fire ring or fire pit using concrete block?

No.  Concrete is not sutiable for high temperature.  Due to the moisture in the block, high temperture can cause the block to fracture or possibly explode.

What is the Anchor Bar?

It is 4" x 4" extension on the bottom of the unit, which is laid against the backside of the face of the two units below and extends into the geosynthetic reinforcement (if used).

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